Observation is the first step of a new inventor

 My Profile

NAME                               Osanda Chamupa Punchihewa.
COUNTRY                       Sri Lanka.
HOME TOWN                 Galle.
ABOUT FATHER          A doctor [Manjula Punchihewa]
ABOUT MOTHER         Manodari Archarige
MY BROTHERS            Ninada and Navun   

MY GRANDMOTHER   Thebuwana archarige vinitha       
AMBITIONS                    My main ambition is to a make a great difference              
                                          to this world.
                                          And to be a great philosopher. 

my friends

I have lot of friends  but of them my best friends are
  1. Mihiran [kura]
  2. Malith [kippa]
  3. Nuwanga [p.m.]
  4. Sankalpa
  5. Aditha [prof]
  6. Rasindu [beach chawwa] 
  7. Jeewantha[[producer's best friend in grade 5]
  8. Duminda Sanjeewa[facebook friend]
  9. Chathuranga Hettiarachchi[facebook friend]

   are my best friends.



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