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Electricity is a form of energy It can be seen in the nature in a bolt of lightning. Scientists have also learn how to generate[create] electricity. This useful because electricity that is generated can be controlled and sent through wires.It can then power such things as heaters.televisions, computers etc. Today we cant do our daily task without electricity.

How electricity works ?

Everything in the universe is made up of tiny particles called atoms.Each an every atom has even tinier  particles called protons and electrons.An electron has what is called a negative charge and a proton has a positive charge.Positive and negative charges try to move close together.However two positive charges or two negative charges, will push each other away.Electricity results when electrons are pushed and pulled from atom to atom.

Static electricity

The electrons can be moved by actually rubbing one object against another.This creates something called 'STATIC ELECTRICITY'.By rubbing a balloon against one's hair can make the hair stand on end. The electron move from the balloon to the hair.Because the hairs then all have the same kind of charge, they try to fly away from each other.  

Generating electricity

Many moving electrons are called electric current. A city's power plant produces a powerful electric current and sends it through wires . The electricity used for lighting, heating etc are made by is made by machines called 'GENERATORS'.
Generators cause a current to flow by moving a magnet past a coil of wire. Wires then carry the current to houses and other buildings.More wires connected to the power outlets in rooms .When person plug in an Iron ,hair dryer or another electric device , the current travels into the device.The current then makes the device work. A chemical reaction in battery also produce electric current.


The ancient Greeks were the first to study electric forces. In the American colonies during the 1700s, Benjamin Franklin performed experiments that proved that lightning is a form of electricity. Scientists later learned that electricity is related to magnetism. They then learned how to generate electricity.

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