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Magnet & Magnetism

A magnet is rock or a piece of metal that can pull certain types of metals towards itself. The force of magnets,called magnetism, is a basic force of nature, like Electricity and gravity.Magnetism works over a distance. This means that a magnet does not have to be touching and object to pull it.
People have known for a long time that a certain type of rock, called lodestone,is a natural magnet. When scientists learned why that is ,they also learned how to make other metals into magnets.

How does magnetism cause?

Magnetism happens when tiny particles called electrons behave in a certain way.All objects in the universe are made up of units called atoms.Atoms in turn are made up of electrons and other particles[neutrons and protons]. The electrons spin around the atom's nucleus,which contains the other particles.The spinning electrons from tiny magnetic forces.Sometimes many of the electrons in an object spin in the same direction. In these cases, all the tiny magnetic forces from the electrons add up to make the object one big magnet. 
Is it possible to make magnet by taking an existing magnet and rubbing another piece of metal with it.The new pieces of metal must be rubbed continuously in the same direction . This will make the electrons in that metal start to spin in the same direction.
Electricity can also create magnets.Electricity is flow of electrons. As electrons move through a piece of wire they have the same effect as electrons spinning around the nucleus of an atom.This is called an electromagnet. 

Hard and soft magnets

Because of the way their electrons are arrange,the metals iron,steel,nickel and cobalt makes good magnets.Once these metals become magnets, they can stay magnets forever. Then they are called hard , permanent magnets. But these metals and others can also act like magnets only sometimes , after they have been near a hard magnet .Then they are called soft ,or temporary magnets.Most other materials for example,air water,wood has very weak magnetic properties. 

Properties of magnets

Magnets strongly attract to the