Observation is the first step of a new inventor
Hi there I have came again after a long long time because I had a trip to tangalle so now I am going to put new post again so read the post carefully and improve your knowledge.
This post is about SCIENTIFIC METHOD. 


Scientific method is the method followed by scientists to solve the problems.
(think as an scientist to invent new things )
Scientific method has five steps mainly,
                                                             1. Observation
                                                             2. Problem
                                                             3. Hypothesis 
                                                             4. Experiment
                                                             5. Conclution

I think you have a problem of remembering these five steps so do not get scared it is easy to remember it as follows,
You can remember these five steps easily as OPHEC.

1. O =Observation
2. P =Problem
3. H =Hypothesis 
4. E =Experiment
5. C =Conclusion
So let us learn the scientific method by an example,
Brother switched on the toy car but it did not work.
"I think the batteries are dead"
He took new batteries from the cupboard ,connect them to the toy car and switched on.The toy car is working.
"IT'S correct that I thought car did not work as the batteries are dead"
Sister that observing all these said and important point to her brother
"The method you adopted with your toy car is some what  like the scientific method"

1.Observation= When the toy car switch was on it did not run
2.Problem= Why did the car did not run?
3.Hypothesis= The batteries were dead .
4.Testing the hypothesis(carrying out an experiment)
                        finding new batteries
                        The batteries in the car was removed and new batteries inserted.
5.Arriving at a conclusion= The car did not run because the batteries are dead
The elder brother who was all this put a another suggestion 
"It is true that you have follow the scientific method but we don t come to a conclusion at once some times the car may not run due to some other reasons such as ,
  •  Sometimes the batteries which were their may not have been properly fixed.
  • The batteries may have been inserted incorrectly.
  • Switch may be faulty.
  • The wheels of the car may have been stuck.
  • Circuit is loose.
Any number of hypothesis like this can be formulated.Because if this we cannot be satisfied with a one hypothesis.The validity of the hypothesis is more if the hypothesis is test number of times.
After listening to the elder brother,sister made another suggestion to younger brother.
"Younger brother please insert the earlier batteries and try to run".
So younger brother connected earlier batteries but the car did not run.
Then he connected the new batteries and switch on.
"How strange sister now it is not working even with the new batteries
"Then he put the car hard on the cement floor and then car started to run . Elder brother laughed .
"So it is not due to dead batteries this is a another problem "said younger brother.
He connected the old batteries and kept it hard on the cement floor car starts running
Then elder brother started to spoke
"Did you see? before we come to a conclusion we have to test our hypothesis well,and see whether we get the same result"
"Let's examine the circuit I think the wires are loose in inside "said Sister 
Then sister and younger brother dismantled the toy car and examine it well"look, younger brother do you see this?
here metal strip has loosened along with the lead dot when they touch from time to time the circuit is completed current starts flowing then the car start to work"
"Now let us build up a hypothesis like this"

If the toy car is to work circuit should be completed(closed)

"let us test this hypothesis."brother fixed batteries into the car.
The circuit in the setup was made incomplete by inserting a paper plug between the metal strip and the lead dot then the car did not work when the switch was on.
Then the paper plug was removed and the metal strip and the lead dot were kept in touch by using a piece of plaster.When switched on tis time the car started to run.
This was repeated many times and in all instance the result was the same.After that they went to elder brother and explained to him how the experiment was carried out."elder brother now we can come to a valid conclusion""It didn't work because the circuit was incomplete."
"Very good, younger brother you have correctly used the scientific method together with a control setup too"
"Elder brother, what is called as control experiment ?"
"In scientific experiments we arrange two setups as,
                                                                                1.Experimental setup.
                                                                                 2.Control setup.
"I can explain this using the experiment that you conducted".
"What we are going to do now is whether it is necessary for the circuit to be close for the electric toy car to run.Here the difference is whether the circuit is closed or open.We call this the variable factor.
When the circuit is closed it is the experimental setup,here we provide all the conditions . We provided the variable factor too.When the circuit is open it is the control setup,here we don't provide the closed status . We do not provided the variable factor.
In this instance we could explore the affect of the variable factor comparatively.
But there is something that we should keep in the mind.Both the control and experimental.
Setups must be provide all the non-variable factors equally .
  • In both these instances you can ran the car on the same cement floor.
  • Since you use the same car ,the circuit and the motor factors are common to the both instances.
  • Same battery set was used in both instances.

We can find the influence of the variable factor when we provide similar conditions to both control and experimental setups.
"Elder brother can you explain younger brother about the controlled setup"
"We could consider whole experiment we conduct as a controlled experiment.
this experiment was done ,providing similar conditions.In other words both setups ,both control and experimental were controlled.
Because of this ,the entire experiment is called as controlled experiment"

So now I think you have a clear idea on scientific method.